My Views On The Issues

I want the 5th District to be the place where all residents live a healthy and prosperous life.

Public Safety
– A secure and safe 5th District is depends on the health and well being of its people to attain quality and affordable education, good healthcare, strong employment and a safe home. Public safety should be community centered, where law enforcement and residents works productively together to prevent and quickly resolve crime. Both non-profit, community organizations and law enforcement need adequate resources and support to ensure public safely in our communities.

Education – We'll ensure that all of our schools in the 5th District will the resources they need so that all of our students from pre-k through college and careers can seize opportunities and generate prosperity for themselves, their families, communities and future generations.

Economic Development – A healthy and flourishing 5th District is fueled by a thriving educated workforce. We'll secure public and private investment opportunities in every neighborhood in order to make the 5th District a vital economic engine of Chicago. We'll aggressively create public and private partnerships that will grow a booming small business community throughout the District.

Health – We need to focus on health and healthy lifestyles from pre-natal to elderhood by giving the people of the 5th District the sufficient resources to lead a successful journey through life. We need to ensure that our greatest treasures and assets; the children, youth and families of the 5th District can have quality healthcare.